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Minnesota Shorthair Pointer:

Kodi is our primary male German Shorthair pointer at the present time. He has been the stud for two litters of puppies. Kodi weighs 53 lbs and he is solid liver with a small white star on his chest. He is an excellent grouse and pheasant dog that is steady to flush, honors other points, and retrieves to hand.

Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Kodi on Pheasants

Shorthair Hunting Style:

Kodi has a very good nose and works well with other pointing dogs. His pointing style is very intense. His whole body just quivers when he is on point. He is also fun to watch when he honors other pointers. With his head and tail high, Kodi leans into the point until he stretches his body out to get one inch closer to the point. Kodi retrieves well and has a soft mouth. Grouse, pheasant, woodcock; Kodi retrieves it all. He is a good dog in the house. His one drawback is his color. His solid liver coat, while beautiful, is harder to see when he is on point.

German Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Kodi on Pheasants

German Shorthair Pointer Puppy

Retrieves to Hand

Shorthair Puppies for Sale:

We do not have a litter of German Shorthair puppies for sale each year. We are not a puppy factor. The German shorthair puppies for sale are the product of decades of selective breeding. Our Shorthair Pointer puppies make fabulous hunting companions and wonderful family pets.Most of our shorthair puppies for sale are sold before the pairing. The German Shorthair pairs we select are based on their pointing instincts, calmness, and structure.

Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Kodi on Grouse

Shorthair Puppies for Sale

Nice Grouse Retrieve

German Shorthair Puppy

Kodi on Grouse

MN Shorthair Pointer

Magic Moment

Family-Friendly Shorthair Pointer:

Family-Friendly Hunting Dogs:

Kodi is a great house dog. He was a bit more high-energy as a pup than our other pointers but he mellowed nicely by the time he was 9 months old. He is great with children and stays close to home, rarely leaving the yard. This is rare behavior for most male dogs. We are anxious to see how he progresses in the years to come.

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