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Shorthair Pointer - Greta

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German Shorthair Pointer:

Greta is our best German Shorthair pointer at the present time. She has one of the best noses I have seen in the pointers I have owned over the last thirty years. She is 42 lbs. and has a solid white body with a solid liver head. She is an excellent bird dog. She is steady to flush, honors points, and retrieves to hand.

Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Greta on Pheasants

Shorthair Hunting Style:

Greta's keen nose has earned her the name princess. She uses her nose so effectively that she rarely goes through thick cover. She circles downwind and investigates it with her nose instead of her body. We first thought she had a false-point habit when she was a puppy. We later realized she was smelling the birds at greater distances than the other dogs. Greta is a thing of beauty when she points. She holds her head and tail high and leans into her points. Greta hunts close, stands out in cover, and retrieves birds to hand. Hunters quickly realize they better get ready when she points.

German Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Greta on Pheasants

German Shorthair Pointer Puppy

Retrieves to Hand

Shorthair Puppy for Sale:

All German shorthair puppies for sale are the product of selective breeding. They are the result of years of breeding philosophy. We are not a puppy mill. The male and female pointer pairs are chosen for the individual calmness, hunting skills, size, and looks of both German Shorthaired Pointers. Most of these Shorthair puppies for sale are spoken for before puppy whelping. The GSP puppies for sale grow up to become fabulous family pets and great hunting companions.

German Shorthair Puppy for Sale

Greta on Grouse

Shorthair Pointer Puppies

Nice Grouse Retrieve

Shorthair Pointer Puppy for Sale

Greta on Grouse

MN Shorthair Pointers

Magic Moment

Family-Friendly Shorthaired Pointers:

Family-Friendly MN Hunting Dogs:

Greta is a fabulous house dog. She was acting like a seven-year-old dog by the time she was 9 months old. She is great with children, stays in the yard, and sleeps at the foot of our bed each night. She is one of the best hunting-house dogs I have raised in my life. We hope to breed her to Kodi in the future,

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