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Special Thanks:

I am honored to represent Ranger Boats, Mercury Marine, Lowrance Electronics, Motorguide, and St Croix Rods in the Brainerd Lakes area. These fine sponsors have allowed me to take my guide service to the next level.

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Ranger Pro Staff

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Mercury Pro Staff

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Lowrance Pro Staff

Ranager Boats:

The Ranger 600 Fisherman series is my boat of choice for my guide service. I have run multilple 620's and 621's over the years. No other boat can match their fit and finish or their big water performance. My customers have grown to love the comfort and fishability of Ranger's Fisherman series. I have been a proud member of Ranger's pro staff since 2004. There is no other boat I would rather use.

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    2015 Ranger 620 FS
Gull Lake MN Fishing Guides

Mercury Pro Staff

  • Minnesota fishing guidesMinnesota fishing guides
    State of the Art Fish Electronics
  • Brainerd fishing guidesBrainerd fishing guides
    Great fishability
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    Style with PLENTY of room to spare.

Fisherman Series:

I have used Ranger 620's and 621's for the last twelve years. The Fisherman series makes an excellent guide boat. The boat's large cockpit and deep interior provides a spacious, dry, comfortable ride. The walk through windshield offers great wind protection and the driver's dash can house a wide variety of electronics. The front deck is capable of fishing three large adults with no problem. I have fished as many as six adults on several occasions.

  • Gull fishing guidesGull fishing guides
    John's 2013 Boat / 620 DVS
Gull Lake MN Fishing Guides

Lowrance Pro Staff

  • North Long fishing guidesNorth Long fishing guides
    John's 2007 Boat / 620 DVS
  • Brainerd fishing guideBrainerd fishing guide
    John's 2009 Boat / 620 DVS
  • Nisswa fishing guideNisswa fishing guide
    John's 2012 Boat / 620 DVS

Ranger Performance:

The ride was the first thing that sold me on the Ranger Fisherman series. I typically fish Mille Lacs, Leech Lake, and several other large bodies of water throughout the season. Running a safe, dry, boat is essential to my business. I've owned fifteen boats in my life and none of them could match the Ranger's ride when it came to big water. The new FS series is even better. The 620 FS's deep bow literally devours the waves.

  • DechairsDeckchairs
    John's 2015 Boat / 620 FS
Gull Lake MN Fishing Guides

Let's go fishing!

  • DechairsDeckchairs
    John's 2011 Boat / 620 DVS
  • DechairsDeckchairs
    John's 2005 Boat / 621 DVS
  • DechairsDeckchairs
    John's 2003 Boat / 621 DVS

Ranger Fishability:

I am primarily a walleye fishing guide, so fishability is important to me. The FS series provides a dry, stable platform which sits well in the water. The fisherman's rounded sides are less affected by the wind. Unlike traditional flat sided boats which can act like sails in windy conditions. The ability to hover is an important skill to master for those seeking to improve their walleye fishing success.The FS series is the perfect tool for the job.

Gull Lake MN Fishing Guides

Life's Good!

Comfort equals Fun:

Brainerd Guide Service believes fishing is about having fun, not survival. All Minnesota fishing guides must provide good fishing but they shouldn't sacrifice comfort. That's just cutting corners. Why have your body drenched and bones pounded? We run some of the nicest boats in the Brainerd Lakes Area. (And we also catch some of the most fish!) The reason we run nice equipment is simple; catching fish in comfort is just more fun!