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Brainerd Guide Service has been the official fishing guide service of Breezy Point Resort for the last 30+ years. Our Pelican Lake fishing guides supply everything necessary for a great day of fishing. A Minnesota fishing license, seasonal clothing, sunglasses and cap are all that's required. We can pick you up at the resort.

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Breezy Point Resort in Breezy, Minnesota

Pelican Lake:

Pelican Lake, Minnesota

Breezy Point Resort is located on a large peninsula on Pelican Lake. The resort is literally surrounded by water. The gentle sounds of waves can be heard throughout the resort. Countless vacationers have ventured to the sandy shores of Pelican lake to experience the region's natural beauty. Pelican Lake is one of the clearest lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. It's not uncommon to see the lake's bottom in 14 to 16 feet of water on calm days. This is the part of Minnesota where skies are clear and Norway pines grow tall. Breezy has a rich and storied tradition in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The resort has been welcoming quests since the early 1900's. The resort has been remodeled several times over the years but its tradition to excellence has always remained one of its cornerstones.

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Resort Location:

Breezy Point Resort is located 25 miles north of Brainerd, Minnesota, just east of Pequot MN, in the center of the Brainerd Lakes. This region has over hundred lakes with walleye, bass, northern, and panfish located within a 15 mile radius of the resort. There is always a hot bite happening someplace in the Brainerd Lakes. Blong's Brainerd Guide Service has been the official fishing charter service of Breezy Point Resort for over 20+ years. Come see why countless generations of Minnesota fisherman have been drawn to this part of Minnesota. Pelican Lake is deep, clear, and full of structure. It's this variety of structure that forces new anglers to consider hiring one of the professional Minnesota fishing guides of Brainerd Guide Service.

Resort Information:

Pequot Minnesota

Breezy Point Resort

Brainerd Lakes Resort:
Breezy Point Resort is centrally located in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The region's numerous lakes, great fishing, and natural beauty have been attracting visitors since the 1900's. Learn more about Breezy Point Resort by clicking the button below.

Breezy Point Resort

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Multi-Species Guides:
Blong's Brainerd Guide Service has some of the best walleye guides in the Brainerd Lakes. We also love to chase bass, northern pike, and panfish too. See what's happening in the Brainerd Lakes by clicking the Brainerd Guide fishing report button below.

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Lake Information:
Pelican Lake is one of the largest, and clearest, lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Region. The lake is a maze of underwater structure and it supports a healthy population of walleye, bass, northern pike, and crappie. Click the button below to learn more.

Making Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing FUN:
This is truly the land of the sky blue waters. Step back in time and enjoy the pace of Breezy Point Resort. Enjoy the sounds of the loon, the cool breezes blowing through the pines, and the splashing sound of a strong fish. Contact the professional Breezy Point fishing guides of Brainerd Guide Service, and take the first step in creating a Breezy Point fishing memory that will last a lifetime.

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There's Something for Everyone:
Breezy Point Resort has several great restaurants, a live music bar, and three golf courses on site. One of which was designed by the late golfing great Arnold Palmer. There is nothing like fishing for a few hours in the morning, stopping for a bite to eat, and then play a great round of golf. Breezy Point Resort is known for its numerous activities and great accommodations. Who says you can't enjoy ALL of the best things in life?