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Brainerd Walleye Fishing Tips - Mid Fall

Mid Fall

Gull La MN Fishing Guides Gull La MN Fishing Guides

This is the time of big fish. The air temperatures might be cooler, but the lake's water is still warm. The walleyes have feed aggressively throughout the summer and now the supply of forage is starting to dwindle. The higher metabolism, and the lack of food, forces the walleyes to stay on the feed for longer periods throughout the day. These conditions give the angler the opportunity to catch their biggest fish of the year. In Brainerd, MN. the walleyes will typically start to drop deeper during this part of the season. The perch that they've been feeding on all summer are now relating to very shallow water. Some walleyes will make nightly forages into the shallows each night, but that's a story that will have to wait until another time. The fish that I like to target in the fall are the walleyes that key on the deep water forage. Any lake in the Brainerd area that contain 60+ feet of water is sure to contain some form of deep water forage. These large schools of walleyes will relate to the steepest break during this time of year. Common depths are between 30 to 45 feet of water. Search out the biggest flat on the lake that quickly drops to deep water and it's likely to have walleyes relating to it during this time of year.