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Brainerd Walleye Fishing Tips - Mid Summer

Mid Summer

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The summer period presents a unique problem for walleye anglers. The higher water temperatures force walleyes to feed more. But by this time, the lake's food chain has already expanded to it's largest size. The lake is literally filled with bait. A hungry school of walleyes doesn't have to expert much energy or time in order to satisfy their appetites. These conditions require anglers to do more than just locate a school of fish. The walleyes must also be feeding. The smaller window of opportunity forces anglers to fish faster. More schools must be located in order to find fish that are feeding. To be successful at this time, anglers must be familiar with the lake that they're fishing and also be able to use of electronics. A good set of electronics is like a set of eyes for the angler. Electronics provide the angler with the opportunity to see what's underneath the boat's keel. Lowrance is my choice of products for this situation. By knowing what structures are in the lake, an angler can scour the break lines in search of fish. Don't make the mistake of fishing, just for the sake of fishing. A walleye school must be located before a line is dropped. Mid-lake structures are key elements during this period. Search the points and inside corners of deep water points and sunken islands. Don't try and find fish in the weeds. Hungry walleyes will move out of the weeds to feed. These are the walleyes that the angler wants to find. A creek chub on a Roach Rig is a great way of tempting these finicky walleyes. I like a 3 foot Snell length with a number #2 hook for this setup. Here's a tip: Hook the chub through the tail. It will struggle more when it's hooked this way. The extra action that a tail hooked chub provides is sometimes just what it takes to trip a summer walleye's trigger.