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Pelican Lake Fishing Tips:
Gull Lake is an excellent bass fishing lake. Few lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area have as many bass fishing options as Gull Lake. The lake has slop, docks, reeds, sunken islands, and deep water points. Avid bass fisherman can pick their favorite pattern on this lake. Gull Lake has over 9700 acres of water to fish. The lake has a healthy supply of 2 to 3 lb bass but competitive anglers will need to maintain a 5 lb average to win most tournaments on Gull Lake. While dock and slop fishing can be highly effective, my favorite pattern is the deep weed edge. The visible structures receive the most pressure by visiting anglers to Gull Lake. This means docks are heavily fished throughout the summer. Most docks have been fished by two to three boats before 9 am on most weekends..The deep water edge is tougher to find on Gull Lake and therefor receives much less pressure. A 1/2 oz pig & jig is an excellent combination in these situations. Blue/black and green pumpkin are excellent color combinations. Key water depths are 16 to 18 feet. Pitch the jig up shallow while holding the boat just outside the weed edge. The tips of points can be real hot spots throughout the summer. It's amazing how many times a big Gull Lake bass will hit the bait on the fall. Work the bait back to the boat with a series of drags, pops, and crawls. There is no need to work the bait more than 10 to 15 feet. The majority of the bass will be close the to weed edge. Experience anglers are always waiting for that "pop" sensation of a big large mouth sucking in the bait. Set the hook hard. The mouth of a big bass is tough to penetrate. Learn more Gull Lake bass fishing tips by booking a experienced fishing guide from Blong's Brainerd Guide Service.

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Breezy Point Pike Guides:
We have been providing full-service Pelican Lake fishing charters out of Breezy Point Resort for the past 30+ years. Our walleye fishing guides are some of the best in Breezy Point, Minnesota. Our fishing guides supply everything needed for a great day of fishing on Pelican Lake. You will need is a Minnesota fishing license, seasonal clothing, sunglasses, and a cap. Our fishing guides will provide everything else. We can pick you up at the resort, your cabin, or your motel.