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We have been providing top quality, full service, Gull Lake fishing charters for the past 25+ years. Our Gull Lake fishing guides are some of the best in business. They will supply everything necessary for a great day of fishing on the Gull Lake Chain. All you will need is a Minnesota fishing license, seasonal clothing, sunglasses and a cap. Your Gull Lake fishing guide will take care of eveything else. We can pick you up at your resort, cabin, or motel.

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Brainerd Lake: Gull Lake

Gull Lake is recognized as one of Minnesota's top walleye lakes. The lake will produce numerous trophy walleyes each year in the 8 to 10 pound class, with a few occasionally pushing the 12 lb mark. Gull lake contains excellent spawning habitat and is also stocked with 2-3 million walleye fry every other year. There are many year classes of walleyes present within the lake. This means that anglers fishing Gull Lake can always find plenty of eaters as well. Gull Lake is full of structure and the lake's surface area covers over 9000 acres. Gull is a spot lake. This means walleyes migrate from one piece of structure to another throughout the season. In the spring, many of the lake's walleyes will be located near the current areas found on the north end of the lake. These walleyes will drop south as the summer progresses. Here they will take advantage of the forage that is found on the many mid-lake structures that are located throughout the lake. In the fall, the walleyes will move deeper and feed on the lake's deep water forage. The key to fishing Gull is to be on the right structure at the right time throughout the year. Besides walleye, Gull lake offers fishing for northern, bass, and crappie as well. Hiring a fishing guide is something that anglers should consider when fishing Gull lake for the first time. Fishing guides can pass on the fishing tips and techniques necessary to help anglers to learn a new lake. Fishing guides for Gull lake can be found through Brainerd Guide Service.

Fishing Tips:

Gull Lake Fishing Guides

Walleye Pike

Walleye Guide:
Gull Lake is a maze of underwater structure. The Gull Lake Chain has multiple deepwater points, sunken islands, saddles, and weed flats. The ability to follow the seasonal walleye migration patterns is key for consistently catching walleyes on Gull Lake. Learn more about Gull Lake walleye fishing from Brainerd fishing guides by clicking here.

Gull Lake Fishing Guides

Largemouth Bass

Bass Guide:
The Gull Lake Chain hosts multiply bass fishing tournaments throughout the season. The lake has a healthy population of bass in the 2 to 3 pound range but it usually takes a 5 pound average to consistently win most Gull Lake bass fishing tournaments. Learn more about bass fishing on Gull Lake from Brainerd fishing guides by clicking here.

Gull Lake Fishing Guides

Northern Pike

Northern Guide:
The big northern pike population is on the rebound on the Gull Lake Chain. The average northern pike is 3 to 5 pounds but there's also a good population in the mid teens. It's not uncommon to see a few break the 20 pound mark on the Gull Lake Chain. Learn more about pike fishing on Gull Lake from Brainerd fishing guides by clicking here.

Making Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing FUN:
Our Gull Lake fishing guides provide everything necessary for a great day of fishing. We can pick you up at your Gull Lake resort, cabin dock, or local Brainerd motel. Learn more about Gull Lake fishing guides by clicking here!

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There's Something for Everyone:
The Gull Lake Chain has several great restaurants located on the lake. There is nothing like walleye fishing for a few hours, stopping for a bite to eat, and then heading back out onto the lake to catch a few more walleyes. The Brainerd Lakes area is also known for its world class golfing, family activiities, and great resort accommodations. Who says you can't enjoy ALL of the best things in life? Learn more about Gull Lake lodging by clicking here!