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Our German Shorthair Pointers:

We currently utilize four German shorthaired pointers with Brainerd Guide Service's bird hunting adventures. All are well-trained hunting dogs, highly socialized with people, and personal family pets. They are the product of decades of selective breeding based on calmness, hunting skills, and size characteristics.

GSP Puppies for Sale



Ava is the oldest of our German Shorthaired Pointers. She was born in 2017 and she has been a wonderful addition to our shorthair family. She points, honors, and retrieves to hand. Her nose isn't quite as good as some of our other pointers but makes up for it with her willingness to hunt. There isn' a thicket too dense for Ava to explore. She will pass through cover that some of our other GSPs choose to go around. Ava currently has 2000+ birds to her credit.


German Shorthair Puppies


German Shorthair for Sale



Greta is the second oldest of German Shorthairs. She is truly a glamor princess. Greta has the best nose of all of our pointers and uses it with great effectiveness. She would much rather use her nose to check out a thicket than enter it. Greta points, honors, and retrieves to hand. She truly has one of the best noses I have seen in a pointer. She is also the sweetest of our GSPs. She is currently the best all-around family-hunting dog I have raised in 35+ years.


AKC Puppies for Sale


MN Shorthair Puppies for Sale



Kodi is the youngest of German Shorthair Pointers. This boy is all style. He has been retrieving to hand since being a puppy. Kodi was hunting along with the other dogs at four months of age. He is solid liver with a small white star located in the middle of his chest. He honors, points, and retrieves to hand. He is a coddler. Something you don't see much from male pointers. We are hoping he will provide stud service for Bella and possibly Greta in the future.


Shorthair Pointer Puppies


MN Shorthair Pointer Puppies



Bella was born in 2019 and she lives up to her name. The combination of her solid liver head and solid white body makes a striking combination. Bella was pointing, honoring, and retrieving before she was a 5-month-old puppy. She is a wonderful family dog as well as an excellent hunter. Bella excels on grouse and woodcock. Her solid white body is extremely easy to see when she is on point. She has an excellent nose and honors, points, and retrieves to hand with style.


AKC Pointer Puppy


Pointer Puppies for Sale

Family-Friendly Pointers

Shorthair Puppies for Sale:

All of the German shorthair puppies for sale are the offspring of shorthair pointers we use for Brainerd Guide Service's bird hunting adventures. We are not a puppy mill. We do not have German Shorthaired puppies for sale on a yearly basis. We only have shorthair pups for sale in the years when we decide to add another pointer to our GSP family or to maintain our bloodlines. All of the GSP puppies for sale are purebred and will be registered. Most of our German Shorthaired puppies for sale are already spoken for before we even make the pairing. Give us a call if you are thinking of purchasing a shorthair pointer puppy in the near future. We will let you know if we will have any shorthair puppies for sale.

AKC Shorthaired Puppy

Kodi backing Greta

German Shorthaired Puppy

Kodi backing Greta

Shorthair Puppy for Sale

Family-Friendly Pointers

MN Puppy for Sale

Bella backing Greta

Family-Friendly Shorthair Puppies:

Family-Friendly Shorthairs:

Our breeding philosophy focuses on the goal of producing a German shorthair pointer puppy that is equally suited for hunting and home. Our shorthair puppies for sale are products of this selective breeding. Our German Shorthaired Pointers make excellent family pets and hunting companions.

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