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Many clients, over the years, have expressed interest in Minnesota pheasant hunting. So several years ago, we set out to find the best Northern MN pheasant hunting clubs we could. We had no trouble in locating several good pheasant hunting preserves in Minnesota. Each offered good wing-shooting opportunities, but we were looking for a little more. We wanted Northern Minnesota pheasant hunting clubs that could provide our guests with classic Minnesota pheasant hunting conditions as well.

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Pheasant Hunting in Northern Minnesota

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Rice Creek Hunting Club:

Rice Creek Hunting Club

We finally found the pheasant hunt club we were looking for in Little Falls, MN. Their pheasant preserve is one of the top Minnesota pheasant hunting clubs near the Twin Cities. This MN pheasant hunting club constantly strives to provide the best hunting conditions available. This was important to us, because we believe there's more to Minnesota pheasant hunting than just shooting birds. At their Little Falls pheasant hunting preserve, you'll find strong flying roosters and pheasant hunting cover that's thicker than the majority of the pheasant hunting clubs in Minnesota.

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Quality Hunting Conditions:

Great hunting cover, strong birds, and courteous pheasant hunting guides provide sportsmen with hunting trips that are second to none. Hunting Minnesota pheasants is an exciting mixture of sights and sounds. It's the combination of well trained dogs, flushing pheasants, and cackling roosters that draws hunters to their MN pheasant hunting club each year. In addition to hunting pheasants, a good pheasant hunting club should provide quests with a variety of bird hunting options

Resort Information:

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Brainerd Lakes Resort:
Come enjoy some of the best pheasant hunting in Minnesota there is. Escape life's hurried pace for a moment and enjoy a relaxing day in the field. Watch the pheasant guide's beautiful dogs working the field ahead of you.

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Blong's Brainerd Guide Service has some of the best walleye guides in the Brainerd Lakes. We also love to chase bass, northern pike, and panfish too. See what's happening in the Brainerd Lakes by clicking the Brainerd Guide fishing report button below.

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Lake Information:
Pelican Lake is one of the largest, and clearest, lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Region. The lake is a maze of underwater structure and it supports a healthy population of walleye, bass, northern pike, and crappie. Click the button below to learn more.

Making Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing FUN:
Minnesota pheasant hunting clubs offer sportsmen and sportswomen the opportunity experience quality MN pheasant hunts, without the hassle of long drives and out-of-state license fees. Spend more time in the field hunting pheasants and less time on the roads. Give their Little Falls, MN pheasant preserve a call. When you check out their prices, you'll see that their Minnesota pheasant hunts can actually be less expensive than hunting trips to other states.

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Come enjoy some of the best pheasant hunting in Minnesota there is. Escape life's hurried pace for a moment and enjoy a relaxing day in the field. Watch the pheasant guide's beautiful dogs working the field ahead of you. The pheasants are close. You can see the tension of the dogs. The air is crisp and clear. Suddenly one of the dogs turns and creeps forward. A soft breeze betrays the exact location of the pheasant and dog locks firmly into place. The dog's mate hasn't winded the bird yet. But when it quarters, it sees its littermate and locks to honor the point. Before you stands the finest brace of pheasant dogs you've ever seen. The picture etched into your mind. The guide breaks the trance when he asks you to move forward. You know the rooster's somewhere just ahead. You step slowly, knowing that each step might cause the grass beneath you to erupt. Your finger is on the safety and your heart is pounding in your chest. You take one extra step and the grass explodes. The air is filled with the coarse cackling of roosters. You level the gun, thumb the safety, all while trying to keep your wits. You better not miss this shot. Your buddies watching will never let you forget. You mutter a little prayer. Oh please, please, don't let me MISS!