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We have been providing full service fishing charters on the Whitefish Chain for the past 25+ years. Our walleye fishing guides are some of the best in business and excellent multi-species guides too. We will supply everything necessary for a great day of fishing on the Whitefish Chain. All you will need is a Minnesota fishing license, seasonal clothing, sunglasses and a cap. Our fishing guides will take care of eveything else. We can pick you up at your resort, cabin, or motel.

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Brainerd Lake: Whitefish Chain

The whitefish lake chain is the largest reservoir in the Brainerd Lakes area. The whitefish chain is made up of twelve separate lakes. They include Lower Hay, Upper, Middle, and Lower Whitefish, Bertha, Clamshell, Trout, Pig, Rush, Hen, Loon and Cross lake. The sheer size of the Whitefish chain provides anglers with a multitude of fishing options. The chain is a maze of underwater islands and deep water points. The chain is home to an excellent walleye population. The average walleye size and population density are well above the state average. Whitefish is a clear body of water and has an established weed line at 18 feet. Because of it's large size, and water clarity, the Whitefish chain doesn't warm as quickly as many of the other lakes in the Brainerd, MN area. For this reason, Whitefish Lake is not known as an early season lake. But once the waters warm, there are few lakes in the area that can match the action that the Whitefish Chain is capable of producing. The entire Whitefish chain is among the many "spot" lakes in the Brainerd Lakes area. This term refers to the way the lake's walleyes migrate from one piece of structure to another throughout the season. The key to fishing the Whitefish Lake Chain, like so many other of the Brainerd lakes, is to be on the right piece of structure at the right time. Besides walleyes, the Whitefish chain offers fishing for northern, bass, and crappies as well. Hiring a Brainerd, Minnesota fishing guide is something that new anglers should consider when fishing the Whitefish Chain for the first time. Whitefish fishing guides can pass on the special fishing tips and techniques necessary to help anglers to learn this particular lake. Multi-species fishing guides, especially walleye fishing guides, for the Whitefish Lake Chain can be hired through Brainerd Guide Service.

Fishing Tips:

Whitefish Chain Fishing Guides

Walleye Pike

Walleye Guide:
The Whitefish Chain is known for its excellent walleye fishing. The best walleye action unusually occurs in July and August. The Whitefish Chain is a large body of water. It takes several months for the water temperature to reach seventy-five degrees. Learn more about walleye fishing on Whitefish Chain from Brainerd fishing guides by clicking here.

Whitefish Fishing Guide

Largemouth Bass

Bass Guide:
The Whitefish Chain supports a healthy population of bass. The Chain hosts several major bass fishing tournaments each summer. The Chain has every possible time of structure a bass fisherman could imagine; Slop, reeds, sunken islands, and deep water points. Learn more about Bass fishing on the Whitefish Chain from these Brainerd fishing guide tips.

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Northern Pike

Northern Guide:
The northern pike fishing on the Whitefish Chain is probably the best in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Deep water points provide prime habitat for these big pike. The lake has good population of deepwater forage like ciscoes, which help the pike grow quickly. Learn more Whitefish northern pike fishing tips by clicking the Brainerd fishing guide tips below.

Making Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing FUN:
Our Brainerd, Minnesota fishing guides encourage groups to bring their children. "If you don't take them fishing when they're young; then who's going take you fishing when you're OLD?"

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There's Something for Everyone:
The Whitefish Chain is one of the largest bodies of water in the Brainerd Lakes area. Known for its excellent fishing, the Chain also has several restaurants located on the lake. Known for its world class golfing, fabulous restaurants, and great accommodations. Who says you can't enjoy ALL of the best things in life?