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We offer full service fishing charters in the Brainerd Lakes Area. All fishing rods, tackle, bait, and gear is provided. We can pick you up from your motel, resort, or cabin dock.

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Gull Lake

Thanks for the great trip John! We truly loved fishing with you.

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Lower Whitefish

I never expected to catch a walleye that big in my lifetime. Thanks John.

Minnesota fishing guide

Middle Whitefish

The kids had a great time. Tell Michelle to put us down again for next year.

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Sylvan Lake

Thank you for helping us make the men wash dishes again. Thanks John!

Nisswa Fishing Guide

Upper Mission

You weren't kidding when you said there were big pike! See you next year John.

Minnesota fishing guide

Gull Lake

Great morning fishing with Mom & Dad

Brainerd Fishing Guides

North Long

Nisswa Fishing Guide

Clark Lake

Minnesota fishing guide

Pelican Lake

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Horseshoe Lake

Nisswa Fishing Guide

Grassy Bass

Minnesota fishing guide

Edwards Lake

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Alexander Lake

Nisswa Fishing Guide

Round Lake

Minnesota fishing guide

Bertha Lake

Brainerd Fishing Guides

Gull Lake

Brainerd's Premier Fishing Charter:
Brainerd Guide Service is known for having some of the best walleye fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. We also run some of the nicest fishing boats in the Brainerd Lakes. Brainerd Guides believe there is more to a Minnesota fishing trip than just catching fish. Comfort always increases the fun.

Fishing Guides provide:

Large 20+ foot
Pro-Staff Boats

Graphite Fishing Rods
& Reels

Fishing Lures, Live-bait,
& Tackle

Free Fish Cleaning
& Packaging

Gore-Tex Rain Suits
( If Needed )

Life Vests / Commercially Insured

Extra Coveralls
( Spring & Fall )

Transportation / Gas / Oil

Our Guides can pick you up:

Local Hotel, Resort, or Cabin's Dock

You should bring:

Valid Minnesota Fishing License

Sunglasses / Hat / Sunscreen

Multi Layers of Cloths
( Spring & Fall )


Snacks & Drinks
(Don't forget the guide!)

Lucky Fishing Rod
(You can't beat LUCK!)

Adult Beverages
( Reasonable Use )

Multi-Species Fishing Guides:
Brainerd Guide Service has some of the best walleye fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. Interested in fishing bass, musky, pike, or panfish? We love to fish them too. Brainerd fishing guides are multi-species experts. Brainerd Guides have great personalities, cater to your comfort, and the fishing skills to keep you on fish.

Fishing Tips:

Brainerd MN Fishing Guides

Walleye Fishing

Walleye Guide:
Brainerd, Minnesota is known for its excellent walleye fishing. The best walleye action unusually occurs in July and August. The Whitefish Chain is a large body of water. It takes several months for the water temperature to reach seventy-five degrees. Learn more about walleye fishing on Whitefish Chain from Brainerd fishing guides by clicking here.

Brainerd MN Fishing Guides

Bass Fishing

Bass Guide:
The Whitefish Chain supports a healthy population of bass. The Chain hosts several major bass fishing tournaments each summer. The Chain has every possible time of structure a bass fisherman could imagine; Slop, reeds, sunken islands, and deep water points. Learn more about Bass fishing on the Whitefish Chain from these Brainerd fishing guide tips.

Brainerd MN Fishing Guides

Northern Fishing

Northern Guide:
The northern pike fishing on the Whitefish Chain is probably the best in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Deep water points provide prime habitat for these big pike. The lake has good population of deepwater forage like ciscoes, which help the pike grow quickly. Learn more Whitefish northern pike fishing tips by clicking the Brainerd fishing guide tips below.

Minnesota Fishing Fun:
Brainerd Guide Service encourage groups to bring children. "There's nothing like a fishing buddy for life." Learn more about Brainerd Guide Service by clicking here.

Brainerd MN Fishing Guides


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There's Something for Everyone:
The Brainerd Lakes Area is known for its excellent fishing, world class golfing, fabulous restaurants, and great accommodations. Few Minnesota destinations can match the Brainerd Lakes. Who says you can't enjoy ALL of the best things in life?